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April 15, 2021, Moscow
About the Conference

An international conference bringing together over 300 participants from 25 countries. Conference speakers and delegates will include leading market experts, representatives of business, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of identification systems, representatives of national banks and financial institutions as well as representatives of Russian and international companies providing implementation services for product security, identification and traceability solutions.

Key themes of the conference will include issues related to the impact of break-through technologies on the concept of trust in modern society: how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies impact the security and identification sector; how the concept of trust is evolving amid growing digitization and hyperconnectivity between consumers and manufacturers, citizens and the state; new opportunities offered by biometric identification technologies to build trust in the digital environment.

Participation in the conference is by invitation from Goznak, after registration and confirmation by the organizers. Complete the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Panel Discussion
How new technologies are transforming the concept of trust?
How can we safeguard continuous digital data storage and non-alternation of the stored personal data
How disruptive technologies are changing the concept of trust in contemporary society?
Hyperconnectivity and its impact on government identification: new opportunities for developing trust
New technologies that bring changes to the payment sector, identity verification and supply chain business
Round Table Discussions & Technical Presentations
Digital tagging and tractability as the key elements of supply chain value adding
A new approach to create a national mandatory labeling systems
Anti-counterfeiting security technologies in tracking systems
How Track&Trace systems can help to improve business performance?
Product labeling solutions: benefit or liability?
Traceability in supply chains: core value for business, government and consumers
State Programme for the identification: maintaining confidence and improving customer experience
Finding balance between the analog and the digital in modern documents?
Highlights and recommendations on security risk management for digital society
How to build citizen identity platform in the digital environment?
Maintaining our identity and personality in history: digital data archiving
What advanced technologies bring to identification systems (microchip, biometrics, artificial intelligence)
The future of banknotes: whether changes are necessary?
Design that matters: the perception of banknotes
Design that matters: the perception of banknotes
Identifying and understanding the trends that are changing the payment landscape and the role of banknotes in the future
Recent trends in banknotes security features
The next generation of banknotes: design, durability, sustainability
The next generation of banknotes: design, durability, sustainability
Post-Conference Workshops
Alternative materials for banknotes and coins
Biometrics: dealing with multiple levels of authentication
National ID solutions
New approaches to supply chain management and brand management systems
New substrates and security features for modern banknotes
Technological innovations in identification documents to ensure their reliability and durability
Startup Demo Zone
Innovative projects in the field of identification, biometrics, emotion recognition technologies, financial services, blockchain, new materials and promising technologies.
The schedule of all conference events can be found in the Personal Account