In April 2020 Goznak will open a new venue for sharing experience in developing data security, identification and traceability solutions and services the First International Conference Technologies & Trust: Security and Identification.

The conference will continue the 15-year-long tradition of Goznak - gathering CEOs and experts in the global market for secure printing, brand protection, information security and production of coins in Russia.

This time the conference will focus on issues associated with creating trusted environments and data processing and storage..

Traditionally, attention will also be paid to security, identification and traceability technologies used in the production of banknotes, state documents and other secure products, as well as challenges to ensure control of product authenticity and brand protection.

Conference speakers and delegates will include representatives of major companies, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of identification systems and use of products with a security component, representatives of national banks and financial institutions as well as representatives of non-state-owned companies providing product traceability services, identification and trusted environment solutions, partners and vendors, manufacturers of equipment.

Experts will discuss new opportunities for building a trusted environment amid growing digitization and hyperconnectivity between consumers and manufactures, citizens and the state - including in a discussion format, through poster presentations and at dedicated roundtables.

Goznak specialists will present practical and scientific developments in both secure information interaction between the state, business and citizens and in traditional security technologies.

News about the Technologies & Trust: Security and Identification Conference will be regularly published on the Goznak website.

The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Questions concerning participation in the conference as a delegate or speaker can be sent to

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